English and Modern Greek lessons - Testimonials

Comments from face-to-face students

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere
Hilda C. Cambridgeshire

They work on several levels at once, a very basic one, which I need, and a complex aural, cultural and syntactical one, which i also need and want.
Ali S. Cambridgeshire

''Very suited to my needs, very adaptable, and quietly risk-taking and revolutionary. The lessons ask very little of me, and I'm doing almost no work other than in the lessons themselves, yet I seem to be learning very fast.''
Alan E. Cambridgeshire

''Thank you for the lesson today, was very enjoyable and useful.''
Lisa H. Cambridgeshire

''I have passed the CELTA course. Thank you for your help''
Helen S. Cambridgeshire

Typical Feedback from a student after 8 two-hour sessions:

Lesson 1

'I'm already learning more Greek than I thought possible in two hours.'

Lesson 2

'I am loving and very much enjoying the process. It's wonderful!'

Lesson 3

'Again, a real pleasure to do this class and this work.'

Lesson 4

'Really exciting learning on all levels and being stimulated by ear, eye and mind. Thank you. Brilliant!'

Lesson 5

'This continues to be exceptionally good fun. It delivers exactly what I wanted the lesson to teach me- can't believe my progress!'

Lesson 6

'It is nice to be back- again I feel like I'm covering a really good amount of oral and written work in a very memorable and entertaining way.'

Lesson 7

'A good lesson with a great deal of ground covered.'

This particular student resumed lessons after 8 months. See feedback below:

Lesson 8

'I am amazed that I have remembered anything at all- it is testimony to the teaching of Evangelia!'

Comments from online students


'Very good performance. I like your strict advices regarding the usage of the microphone. This caused in better voice quality. Thanks.'

'Excellent teacher.'

'Very interesting lesson. Wonderful teacher. Very useful lesson topic.'

'Thanks, teacher.'

'Very good class. She's a very good teacher. She explained many things to the classmates.'

'Very polite and kind. Thank you very much!'

'Thank you, teacher. You're lovely.'

'Thank you very much for this lesson.'

'She's a great teacher. I hope to be in her lessons soon.'

'Excellent teacher'


'Evangelia is a very competent and friendly teacher. I really enjoyed the lesson. Martin'

'Thanks for your advis, I hope can learn more word or sentence if I speak wrong.'

'Very good teacher!'

'Again a great pleasure Martin'

'I really liked the class.'

'thank you so much , I am really enjoyed your class.'

'I enjoyed the lesson very much Martin'

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